Custom ERP Development Solution

An ERP solution can aid in regulatory compliance while maintaining perfect accuracy with records and reporting. For most businesses, this is exceptionally important in the financial scope. One of the most important aspects of ERP software is its ability to adjust to the defined requirements and current business objectives in greater detail. All the data you store in the ERP software is yours and you have full control over it. This increases security and also eliminates your dependence on a generic ERP vendor.

With different aspects covered within a single environment, ERP software can be quite challenging to learn at first. Therefore, the efficiency of your custom system will also greatly depend on the capability, expertise and motivation of your workforce. Lack of awareness of the system’s functions, as well as its poor integration into a business can have a negative cost impact on the ERP’s ROI. Since ERP collects the basic client information, it can provide plenty of insights for understanding the customer preferences and needs. With continuous development and support, you’ll always have software that keeps up with your company. Whenever you need new functions or add some features to your custom ERP, it is no problem to develop them in a short time and thus react faster to new market demands.

Professional services automation

We have been building unique and robust ERP solutions for SMBs and Inc. 500 corporations for years. We are not only programmers, but we also understand business specifics. Planning production, optimizing resources necessary for manufacturing, transportation, logistics, and quality control management. Customized ERP easily adapts to your business needs and allows you to manage all the processes. That’s why customized ERP is more preferable than ready-made one. Customer relationship management provides all the prospect and customer information.

custom erp development

The company developed a website that serves as a database where organizations can find and donate to other organizations. Currently, the team is working on enhancing the website and fixing bugs. Our team built video streaming software as a web and desktop app for a third-party client. We completed end-to-end development—from scoping to feedback cycles to QA—using PHP and Wowza Streaming Engine. Our client was inspired to create a product that helps steel erection companies perform faster, more efficient estimations and bids. We developed original proprietary software from the initial concept.

Human Resource management

Developing an ERP system for shipping is crucial for control over every process, as they all should be streamlined at the right time without any delays. If you need to provide some information or guides, ERP is an ultimate choice. I understand that the above details shared with Kulsys may be used to communicate with me about Kulsys’ services, products, and news, and I consent to the same.

  • We also developed new features to manage the fleet, human resources, finance, customers, and inventory.
  • Inoxoft provides custom software development for logistics, software product development services for startups and ERP for real estate industry.
  • If you are looking for experts who will be able to develop a multifunctional ERP software for you, our custom ERP development company is ready to do it for you.
  • Regardless of a company’s size, goals, and field of operation, choosing the right ERP software is nothing less than a challenge.
  • This increases security and also eliminates your dependence on a generic ERP vendor.
  • ERP development companies ensure that no potential bugs or failures reach the final project stages.

The utilization of features is also close to 100%, since every feature is built to address specific business exigencies. With Ionic, ScienceSoft creates a single app codebase for web and mobile platforms and thus expands the audience of created apps to billions of users at the best cost. There are award-winning Android apps in ScienceSoft’s portfolio. Among the most prominent custom erp development projects is the 5-year-long development of Viber, a messaging and VoIP app for 1.8B users. ScienceSoft established a robust help desk process to support the users of procurement software employed by a global healthcare provider. For over two years already, our support agents have been in charge of L1 issues, ensuring smooth procurement operations for the Customer.

Oodles Custom ERP Software Development Solution Works For Every Business

Update systems to ensure data integrity by migrating legacy data, integrating raw data silos, modernizing data infrastructures, and seamlessly integrating systems. Optimize We improve your software’s performance and functionality. Support & Maintain We ensure your software operates smoothly through ongoing support.

custom erp development

So, once these decide to embed the ERP into their business model, they typically opt for an off-the-shelf solution. Enterprise resource planning software, also known as ERP, has become an exceptional solution for automating business processes and centralizing data sources for all hierarchies. In fact, custom ERP software development allows you to have as many modules as you want or your business needs. Businesses may gain from an integrated workflow across departments with a custom ERP system, which will lead to better connections between buyers and suppliers.


Collected data is used to track KPIs and performance, enable predictive analytics, get insights and facilitate decision-making process. In this step, you can create your database schema from scratch, import an existing schema or select one of the suggested schemas. Using the Flatlogic Full-Stack Generator you can create CRUD and static applications in a few minutes. To start using the Platform, you need to register on the Flatlogic website. Clicking the “Sign in” button in the header will allow you to register for a Flatlogic account.

They use their knowledge and skills to program the product, and then completed a series of quality assurance tests. Having your IT team develop your custom ERP system is beneficial. Entrust us with a Staff Augmentation model that enables you to hire the proficient individuals to maintain your project’s progress. Let us know what skills you are lacking, and our engineers will fill the gaps. With our proficiency in handling complex, time-critical initiatives and an internal Project Management Office , we can ensure precision in our project cost and time estimations. Providing instruction and education to end-users of the ERP system to ensure that they can operate the system capably and expeditiously.

Custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

In that case, custom-made solutions are only limited to your imagination. Consider it a clean piece of paper where you can draw anything to your heart’s content. Perhaps you are looking for custom features for accounting entries, supply chain management features, CRM integration, or lead analysis for the sales department. Custom solutions let you create a custom and easy-to-use link between your departments. Our implementation team is well-equipped with extensive knowledge and expertise to take care of the complete deployment of your project, including servers, networks, a data management solution, etc.

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