23 Closet Office Desk Design Ideas

The new trim should have a reveal between itself and the jamb of at least 1/4 in. Now use the template provided in the door hardware kit to mark the location of the control arm on the doors. Drill a pilot hole for the screw, and then drive the screw through the slotted mounting hole in the control-arm bracket. After folding the doors to the fully open position, screw the free end of the control arm to the head jamb. Test the doors for proper operation and adjust the hardware if necessary. Install the knobs and alignment clips as shown in the hardware installation instructions.

making a closet into an office

Cabinets are also a vital aspect in many closet office nooks. Although smaller fitted closets might not have space for any cabinets, most closet offices have the area to fit at least one good set of drawers. Probably the most logical place for a tiny drawer is underneath the table. Allow for adequate leg and knee space for when you are seated, and sufficient room to bring your seat inside before you shut your office at the end of the day. Use a range of cardboard boxes, containers, and jars to keep your small office supplies.

Step 8: Install Shelf Standards

Working with a closet this size is almost like designing a small room instead of a tiny office nook. You may be thinking you need a full-on, walk-in closet to do a closet-into-office reno. Even a small bedroom closet can be turned into a cute, functional workspace. Do you have an extra closet organization system lying around the house?

  • Often, these big spaces have enough room to incorporate your office and your clothing storage together.
  • Modern home office ideas are stylish as well as providing a highly functional work space within the home.
  • But if you are not prepared to surrender yet, if you still have a little fight remaining in you, have faith.
  • Slide the shelf brackets into the slots in the standards, and gently tap them down with a hammer to secure them.

Because a closet office could be such a small space, you must use every inch of the wall surface area. Shelves are among the most excellent methods to put in a load of storage to the cozy nook. Racks could be painted converting closet to office with the same color as your wall space, painted an accent color, and covered in wallpaper. In case you find a lovely wood surface desk, you can put in richly stained, real wood shelves to complement it.

Get some wireless puck lights

Don’t let an arched ceiling, for instance, deter you from sliding in a work desk, a lamp, and some fresh flowers. You’d be surprised how cozy you can make an oddly shaped space feel. Just because your mini office can easily be hidden behind a door, doesn’t mean you have to. Treat this area as you would any other space in your home—albeit tiny, it’s still a room worthy of your special touch.

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A cloffice is a closet or nook that has been transformed into a home office. Closet office ideas have become a frequent search on Pinterest, and the Work From Home (WFH) people have coined their own term…cloffice. At the end of each work day, tidy and put everything back where it belongs. Your closet office needs the same attention as your cubicle. If your closet is small, it’s important to keep it organized so you can easily find what you need and put things away.

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In this design by AMI Design, a closet is repurposed as a chic and stylish home office, with a custom desk and shelving, as well as a vibrant pop of color on the accent wall. Behind custom cabinet pocket doors lies a built-in desk that otherwise would look like a pantry. These closet office ideas displayed below are proof of man’s brilliance when tasked with a seemingly insurmountable conundrum.

Vertical bookshelves can also be useful for keeping your closet workspace tidy and organized, along with desk cable trays. Storage will be your best friend when it comes to designing a home office in your closet that’s stylish and functional. You can also make a statement with a fashionable stool or accent chair, depending on the size of your closet space.

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